Traveling abroad is very important for students that are my age because I think that prior to going abroad and learning about another country, Americans have this nationalistic ideology that the United States is great, but other countries have a profound history and unique culture that we must explore. Students that are provided with this opportunity to study abroad learn to be independent and gain a rewarding experience that they will remember forever. 
— Jenny, 12th grader at School Without Walls

The Core and More: Global Access & World Readiness

In summer 2016, 360 DCPS students embarked on the trip of a lifetime. An Institute of International Education’s Generation award-winning program, DCPS launched the nation’s first fully-funded study abroad experience for public school students. From the time that students submitted their applications, to the moment that they landed safely back in Washington, DC, DC Ed Fund covered 100% of the costs.

Students traveled to thirteen countries on five continents across three program tracks: 

  • Global Leadership- provides students the opportunity to collaborate with peers to discuss globalization and cross-cultural challenges.
  • Service Learning- engaged students with host communities in community service programming.
  • Language Immersion- provided world language students real-world, authentic language practice.

DCPS' Global Access program challenged students to step outside of their comfort zones, broaden their perspectives, and deepen their global knowledge while becoming more inquisitive, informed, and active citizens.