Lauded by numerous education leaders as the most comprehensive plan across the United States, the Empowering Males of Color initiative includes targeted strategies to dramatically improve educational outcomes for Washington, DC's young men of color. DC Ed Fund has raised over $4 million since the the launch of EMOC in 2015. Investments include $2 million innovation grants that enabled schools to implement strategic supports for their young men of color and $1 million to fund start-up costs for Ron Brown College Prep, DCPS' first all-male public high school.  This year's most high-profile program is The Leading Men Fellowship, DCPS' new teacher pipeline program. 

I had one black male teacher when I was in sixth grade. Kids don’t really see black males and when they see you they’re like ‘woah.’ A black, male teacher in a classroom! That’s very important for them. That’s powerful.
— Ricardo Carter, Leading Men Fellow

Empowering Males of Color: The Leading Men Fellowship

In an effort to ensure more males of color are leading DCPS’ early childhood classrooms, DCPS launched the Leading Men Fellowship (LMF) in August 2016. In partnership with The Literacy Lab, the inaugural, 10-member cohort was selected to serve as literacy tutors and mentors and placed in pre-K classrooms across the city.  

Made possible with support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Fellows received 100 hours of intensive training from The Literacy Lab and learned how to work with young children, implement interventions, conduct assessments, and interpret student data. In addition, all Fellows received support to pursue a degree in the field of education, including college application assistance and the opportunity to tour a number of local and national colleges and universities. The Leading Men Fellowship provides an opportunity for DCPS' youngest learners to succeed in a classroom lead by strong male role models. At the same time, the Fellowship ensures DCPS' males of color are exposed to careers in education, with the ultimate goal of continuing to increase diversity among DCPS' educator pool. 

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